Please note: Last order on 4th Feb is 2pm. Non-CNY menus are not available for order from 4th Feb - 6th Feb 2019.
7-11 Feb: Additional surcharge of $2/pax for Non-CNY Menu orders.
Enjoy 15% discount for all Mini Buffet menus when you choose to self-collect. (Excluding block off dates)

CNY Menu 2019

Chinese New Year Menu

CNY Menu Availability: 19th January 2019 - 28th February 2019

Enjoy $2 off per pax for orders on 7 - 28 February (Applicable for CNY Menus only)

Enjoy 15% discount when you self-collect your items!
(Applicable for Mini Buffet and Ala Carte items only)

Buffet Menu

Delivery Charge: $50.00+
Full Buffet Set Up

Prosperity Buffet

$16.80+ Per Pax (Min. 50 Pax)
$18.80+ Per Pax (Min. 40 Pax)
$20.80+ Per Pax (Min. 30 Pax)

Happiness Buffet

$22.80+ Per Pax (Min. 30 Pax)
$24.80+ Per Pax (Min. 25 Pax)

Spring Delight Buffet

$28.80+ Per Pax (Min. 25 Pax)
$30.80+ Per Pax (Min. 20 Pax)

Mix & Match Buffet

$25.80+ Per Pax (Min. 25 Pax)

Mini Buffet Menu

Delivery Charge: $35.00+
No Buffet Set Up

Prosperity Mini Buffet

$16.80+ Per Pax (Min. 20 Pax)
$18.80+ Per Pax (Min. 15 Pax)

Happiness Mini Buffet

$22.80+ Per Pax (Min. 15 Pax)
$24.80+ Per Pax (Min. 10 Pax)

Spring Delight Mini Buffet

$28.80+ Per Pax (Min. 15 Pax)
$30.80+ Per Pax (Min. 10 Pax)

Mix & Match Mini Buffet

$25.80+ Per Pax (Min. 15 Pax)

Ala Carte Menu

Delivery Charge: $35.00+
For orders below $200, self-collection is required.

CNY Specialties (Add on)