Please note: Last order on 4th Feb is 2pm. Non-CNY menus are not available for order from 4th Feb - 6th Feb 2019.
7-11 Feb: Additional surcharge of $2/pax for Non-CNY Menu orders.
Enjoy 15% discount for all Mini Buffet menus when you choose to self-collect. (Excluding block off dates)

Live Cooking Stations

Local Cuisine

DishCost per person
Traditional Laksa Lemak with Prawn$5.35
Nonya Mee Siam with Prawn$4.81
Signature Curry Chicken with Breads$5.35
Hainanese Chicken Rice$4.81
Roasted Chicken Rice$4.81
Nonya Kway Pie Tee$4.28
Traditional Popiah with Condiment$5.35
Chicken Satay (min. 1000 sticks)$0.64
Mutton Satay (min. 1000 sticks)$0.64
Beef Satay (min. 1000 sticks)$0.64

Indian Cuisine

DishCost per person
Roti Prata with Fish$5.35
Roti Prata with Sambar Dal$5.35
Naan with Curry Chicken$3.35
Murgh Malai Tikka$5.35
Ajwaini Fish Tikka$5.35
Tandoori Gobhi$5.35
Vegetable Kebab$5.35

International Cuisine

DishCost per person
Sauté Penne Pasta$5.35
Roast Sirloin Zealand Ribeye Carving$8.56
Roast New Zeland Ribeye Carving$8.56
Roast Leg of Lamb Carving$8.56
Roast Whole Baby Lamb Carving$588.50 (whole lamb)

Turkish Cuisine

DishCost per person
Doner Kebab (chicken)$5.35
Shish Kebab (mutton)$7.49
Shish Kebab (beef)$7.49

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum order:
    • For 100 people.
    • 2 live cooking stations OR 1 live cooking station and 1 buffet order.
    • For satay live cooking stations: 1000 sticks of satay.
  2. Duration of service time: 3 hours.
  3. Live station charges include one chef per live cooking station for 3 hours.
  4. Additional charges will be incurred for any time exceeding 3 hours.